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PLC Concepts is a control engineering and system integration firm offering your business expertise in automation and control system solutions. We provide complete projects from concept through implementation on a fixed price or T&M basis. We offer solutions to your manufacturing and automation problems, ranging from a retrofit of an existing system to the automation of a new machine design. We have experience and expertise in the following areas:

Positioning Systems

We design positioning systems for any industrial application utilizing feedback sensors from MTS along with VSD and Servo drives of your choice. We specialize in systems for winders or sheeters giving accurate and repeatable performance. Whether it is the slitters, elements, stations, or core chucks we optimize to give you the most efficient set up possible.

Winder Control Systems

We specialize in control systems for any style winder. These systems cover winding pressure, tension, load sharing, rider roll pressure, diameter acquisition, stop functions. All of these controls are PLC based with and HMI interface giving your operators a graphical interface to the system.

Sheeter Control Systems

We have found that a lot of older sheeters are in fine mechanical shape but their electrical systems are obsolete, either controlled by custom electronics or by antiquated controls. A control system failure of almost any sort usually means extensive expensive downtime. We specialize in replacing these older systems, providing enhancements such as a better tension system, trailing edge sheet braking at the overlap as well as other possible features, regardless of the manufacturer of the sheeter. Other enhancements can include better diagnostics/fault reporting, auto-following decurling, splicing system improvements and modern HMI interfaces to name a few. All of these systems are PLC based utilizing off the shelf components.

PLC Programming

We develop PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) programs to service our customer's specific needs and ensure a smooth implementation. Our PLC applications are fully documented and easy to understand. Our PLC programmers have experience and expertise in programming a wide variety of PLCs, including:

  • Rockwell
  • GE
  • Siemens
  • Modicon
  • etc.

HMI & SCADA Development

Our developers have a wide range of experience developing HMI (Human Machine Interface) and SCADA (Supervsory Control and Data Acquisition) designs that give the operator a full range of control of the process. Our solutions allow all points of a process to be monitored, and at any time, to get the full attention of the operator before a problem occurs as well as giving the user the ability to review past problems for potential improvement. We have experience with a wide variety of HMI/SCADA , including:

  • RSView
  • Cimplicity HMI
  • Wonderware
  • etc.

Custom Programming

Today’s systems allow more connectivity than ever before. But do they do what you need them to do? We can create custom software that does just what you want it to do, and, perhaps more important, create software that can be modified as your needs change. Our developers are experts in a variety of the languages and tools necessary to produce custom software that helps you meet your needs.

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